Hi I am Dr. Dopamine or Dr. Do to my friends.  I am your reward chemical, I celebrate every win & make you feel a sense of achievement. I keep you eager to learn and explore new things. keep me topped up with self-care activities.


Dopamine is the first of the DOSE Happy Hormones, it is a neurotransmitter that helps send messages between our brains neurons. It is often called the reward chemical as it responsible for the happy feelings we get when we achieve or complete something. Imagine the feeling you get when you score a goal, finish a race or complete a book, this is Dopamine working its magic in your body. 


Dopamine is a survival hormone it keeps us motivated and eager to continue and explore. It helped our ancestors to learn to forage for food and learn from mistakes refining their processes along the way. It is a seek and reward chemical and leaves you feeling happy and ready for more. 


We need Dopamine to give us the determination needed to accomplish goals and help us be the best version of ourselves. 

What happens if you have a Dopamine deficiency?

If you have low levels of Dopamine you may lack motivation, have low energy and have an inability to focus and concentrate on things.  You may find yourself lacking that drive and passion for things that would normally excite you. This inability to want to and actually do the things that would bring us joy would create changes within our mood, such as feelings of low self-esteem, hopelessness and even anxiety.

How do we get more Dopamine?

Self Care & Wellbeing

Take small positive steps to prioritise ourselves. Incorporate self-care into every day, with small acts at first, stepping outside to take five mindful breaths of fresh air, swapping the news for stand-up comedy, learning one new yoga position or playing an old album that you love. Self-care isn’t always a long hot bubble bath with a face mask (although it could be if you choose). The objective is to prioritise yourself and show that you are important there are 1,440 minutes in every day, make sure you protect some of those minutes for yourself.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Taking time out to meditate or grounding yourself into the present moment and being mindful helps release Dopamine. Research has proven that meditating for 1 hour can boost our Dopamine levels by over 50%. By meditating you are consciously clearing your mind to regain focus. It is with this focus we feel less overwhelmed, more in control and motivated. Click the link below and download our simple '3-3-3 For Me' mindful breathing exercise.

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Eat foods that trigger Dopamine

Dopamine is a reward chemical that creates feelings of pleasure. There are foods you can build into your diet to boost your Dopamine and make you feel happy. Tyrosine-rich foods have a positive impact on dopamine levels. Click the link below to download our Dopamine Food Guide.

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Self Awarness

This is such an important trait to encourage and help develop with children. Having insight and knowledge about ourselves helps us understand why we are feeling the emotions we do and then why we behave the way we do. Self awareness allows children to identify and play to their strengths while embracing their areas of weakness and setting their own boundaries.

Achievements & Goals

It’s really important to celebrate our wins, every achievement should be acknowledged, no matter how big or small, as it empowers us and therefore builds self-esteem and confidence. Dopamine is released every time something is achieved or a goal is met which is why it is known as a reward chemical. It makes us feel happy and motivated for more. This is why it is so important to create a balance of realistic, achievable and aspirational goals to ensure there is a constant sense of achievement. Download and use the 'To Done' list in the

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By learning and informing ourselves through education we can find ways to improve and boost our levels of happy hormones. This enables us to take some control and empowers us to make positive changes. DOSE Magazine is designed to provide psychoeducation around happiness to build an awareness and toolkit to manage happiness.

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