Our Happy Hormones are exploding like fireworks as we introduce you to our brand new digital magazine and free resource library.

The mission at DOSE Magazine is simple we want to send a perpetual wave of happiness out into the world, that ripples through the lives of children, parents and teachers.

DOSE Magazine is hub of happiness that has been filled with free resources and articles, to empower children to manage their happiness, by releasing their happy hormones Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. We empower through increased emotional and psychological intelligence and resilience to inspire a happier home, school and community. We want this to be an inclusive community where our free resources and articles can be accessed and utilised by everyone.




DOSE Magazine is split into four chapters representing the four Happy Hormones of DOSE, Be Mindful (Dopamine)Feel Happy (Oxytocin)Get Motivated (Serotonin) & Relax (Endorphins) each chapter has its own character, who depicts the happy hormone. 

Be Mindful (Dopamine)

In this chapter, we will focus on the happy hormone Dopamine represented by our character Dr. Do. who is highly motivated and a huge advocate of To Do checklists and celebrating every win, he is super productive and always motivated to progress, he takes time to look after himself as he knows he can't pour from an empty cup. Dopamine is a reward chemical and therefore the articles and resources will focus on topics such as Productivity, Celebrating Wins, Goal Setting and Achievements, Mindfulness and MindsetSelf-Care and Wellbeing is covered in this chapter along with Self Awareness with a focus on building Self Esteem and Resilience. 

Feel Happy (Oxytocin)

Oxytocin is the love chemical responsible for relationships and social bonding. Roxy Oxytocin is the Feel Happy character and integrates all the happiness of a rainbow into the universal symbol for love, a heart, she sprinkles happiness and kindness wherever she goes. Oxytocin is responsible for amplifying some of our most admirable traits including love, loyalty, trustworthiness, courage, generosity and empathy. This chapter will therefore focus on all aspects of Relationships, including ParentingChildren's Emotional IntelligenceHappinessKindnessLoss and Grief and being part of a wider Community.


Get Motivated (Serotonin)

Serotonin is our mood stabiliser, it helps us regulate our moods, improves memory, encourages sleep and improves digestion. Steady Freddie Serotonin is the Get Motivated character, he is a mindful kettlebell who loves exercising and meditating in equal measures, he thrives on balance and calm. You will often find him swimming in the sea or climbing a mountain as he loves to be at one with nature. In this chapter, you will find articles and resources focusing on Exercise including Happy YogaPsychical PsychologySleepNature and Healthy Eating.

& Relax (Endorphins)

Our final chapter is & Relax and focuses on all of the things that help us achieve the happy feeling of relaxation and calm. Endorphins are pain-relieving chemicals that flood our body to help us feel better. Often Endorphins are released as a result of something causing the body pain. Endo is the & Relax character and is a fun-loving, creative, chill pill, he is all about finding the best way to bring calm and peace to a situation with the aim to live is a state of euphoria. In this chapter, you will find articles and resources focusing on RelaxationLaughterCreativity as well as StressAnxietyDepression and Worry

DOSE Magazine has a library of free resources that can be downloaded to create your very own toolkit of happiness boosters, as well as coping strategies, to help manage and deal with a range of emotions. Our plan is to add resources for children of all ages and sprinkle in some adult resources too for parents and teachers, as we all need a little support with our happiness and mental wellness. 

New articles and resources will be released each week covering a whole variety of interesting topics to manage mental wellness and happiness. Just sign up using the email address to contact you on and become part of our happiness tribe.


Your Happiness Planner 

When you register with DOSE Magazine you will be sent a link you download your very own Free Happiness Planner, this includes a blank weekly happiness planner for you to complete and also four weeks worth of happiness activity inspiration. Each month we will send you new happiness planners with new and creative ways to boost your hour happy hormones, DopamineOxytocinSerotonin and Endorphins.  Register now to claim yours.

Happy Recipeasy

Our DOSE team will be working with our community contributors to delivery Happy Recipeasy recipes to your inbox and the resource library each month. The aim is to create recipes and meal ideas that spark a child's imagination and bring fun to mealtimes.  Check out our first Happy Recipeasy resources; Rainbow Carbonara and Ladybug Picnic.

Happy Recipeeasy food makes children feel happy in three main ways :

  • Children feel the love in the food, whether the food has been made for them or they were involved in the process, they feel the love that is wrapped around the food. This triggers their Oxytocin which is like giving them a big hug. This is perfect for school packed lunches when you can't be with the child, but want them to know you are still there supporting them.
  • The ingredients contain vitamins, probiotics and acids which help release a child's Happy Hormones into the body.
  • Children are visually stimulated, the use of colour, shapes and storytelling involved in happy food excites them and engages their reward chemical dopamine, their love hormone Oxytocin, their mood stabiliser Serotonin and Endorphins for their feelings of pleasure.

Mr Book Review 

The Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Mental Wellness Professionals behind DOSE dose use reading books to explore emotions and behaviours. Coming soon is a visual reading list of over 150 books that challenge the common issues children face. A number of these books will be read aloud on video by Teachers, Mental Health Professionals and Community Contributors so children always feel supported when exploring the issues tackled in the books, all of our videos will be available on our DOSE Magazine YouTube channel.

This is Ruby's Worry read by Samantha Hearne. Where possible we will add links to purchase books.

Happy Yoga

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our Happy Yoga resources, they take a fun and childlike approach to traditional Yoga positions. Names like, 'Unicorn Horn, Toe Tapping' engage the child imagination while letting them visualise the pose they are trying to achieve. Practising yoga together with someone else builds bonds and boosts Oxytocin meaning multiple happy hormones are released simultaneously.  

The benefits of Yoga for children are infinite: 

  • Improves strength and Flexibility
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Improves posture
  • Helps sleep develop a routine
  • Calms and focuses the mind
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
Coming Soon

Over the coming months, you can expect to see some exciting growth and additional features at DOSE Magazine.

Kids Zone

We will be introducing a kids zone, where children can select the way they currently feel, or they want to feel and we will present resources that will help. 

Dr. Do's Hall of fame

We are working on a Hall of Fame for Dr. Do who is all about celebrating every win. This will be an area where children can upload their work or achievements and have them published online and we can celebrate them collectively. Children can contribute, Recipeasy recipes, book reviews, achievements or their work and they will bee moderated and posted online for the world to see. 

Each week we will add more free resources and articles so don't forget to check back for even more happiness. 


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